PurPur Fleur
Real flowers in stylish flowerboxes that last till 3-5 years 

PurPur fleur Flowers it's a luxurious gift and the best present for a loved one or for birthdays, name days, weddings, mother day, women day and  just  a beautiful arrangement for any other celebration.

PurPur Fleur is a luxury flower boutique, specialising in distinctive flower arrangements of eternity roses, long lasting orchids and hydrangeas, we specially treat our blooms using a special technique . Our Master Florists are now able to preserve the look and feel of our fresh flowers to ensure the enjoyment lasts well beyond a year and even longer. Our roses are real, fresh cut and preserved using natural non toxic oils and colorants similar to food dye, this is how it possible to look perfect all year long and even till 3-5 years. PurPur Fleur Forever flowers are non-toxic, noncorrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non- explosive and not chemically-reactive and therefore they do not represent any risk for the human health nor for the environment.

Our luxurious arrangements are designed using specially treated flowers that last for up to a year, with no water required. PurPur Fleur Forever arrangements will maintain its beautiful appearance much longer than other flower arrangements when there is no direct contact to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture.

Specialising in providing the most unique coloured roses, we pride ourselves on being passionate about flowers combined with our love for fashion.

Every arrangement is created by our very own floral design. Our collections include our classic colours available every season, as well as special occasion seasonal arrangements. We also love custom orders and will work very closely with you to create the most unique and stunning arrangement for any occasion.

Presented in our unique PurPur Fleur signature hat boxes, our luxurious arrangements stay till 3-5 years and is a wonderful way how to make happy people You Love.  

Using PurPur Fleur Forever arrangements will save you or your business a lot of money with no sacrifice on beauty or quality. Our specially treated flowers give business owners such as hoteliers, hairdressers, spa owners and fine dining restaurant and bar operators a way of up keeping the inviting atmosphere of having floral arrangements in the room without spending a fortune each week. 

Enjoy Your life's the most beautiful moments with Purpur Fleur !


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